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I help yoga, pilates, dance & barre lovers learn to teach amazing barre classes, so they can help others, gain new clients, and love what they do, even if they have never danced before. Andrea x




To be the best barre teacher around, you need to be able to hear the beat of the music, and teach to the 8 count phrase. Having this skill takes you from teaching an average barre class that you could do anywhere, to teaching the best barre class in your area that has a wait-list to join.

Counting music well will help you stand out from the average barre instructor. You will become every clients favourite instructor. 


The second thing you need is the knowledge to keep your clients safe, and at the same time, lead them in classes that give them the results they desire. This all comes down to technique. Anyone can teach a ‘knee bend’ in a barre class, but it’s not truly a ‘plie’ until you understand proper technique, verbal cueing and tactile cueing. You will learn how to teach perfect technique this in this program. 


The third thing you need is a collection of amazing exercises (repertoire) that keep your classes interesting, and always varied and changing. This makes the classes way more fun for you to teach, and for your clients to do. With a large repertoire, you can offer a different class every day for months, always enjoying what you do, and challenging your clients bodies and brains with new combinations and variations.

Next Mentor Group Starts Oct 5, 2023

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Become THE BEST barre instructor. Learn:

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Alignment principles in relation to ballet
  • Pilates posture & technique
  • Industry leading barre repertoire
  • Dynamic & effective teaching skills
  • How to count music
  • How to lesson plan
  • Pre and post natal modifications
  • Modifications for all exercises
  • Yoga, ballet & Pilates terminology
  • How to offer variations for beginners to advanced students
  • Cueing and verbal instructions
  • Tactile cueing 
  • How to teach classes with non-stop flow

Using the unique SMART TRAC method for Barre Teacher Training: 

  • S - Set-up
  • M - Musicality
  • A - Anatomy
  • R - Repertoire
  • T - Technique
  • T - Transitions
  • R - Regressions & Progressions
  • A - Action Cues
  • C - Corrective Cues


Dr Andrea Robertson

Osteopath, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Ex-Pro Dancer, Barre, Yoga & Adult Ballet Teacher.

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Next Mentor Group starts Oct 5, 2023

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CEC Points

The Barre Clinic Training Program qualifies you for CEC points if you are registered with the following organizations:


    • Fitness Australia - 9 CEC points 

  • USA

    • ACE, AFAA, NASM, Can FitPro (course is currently undergoing assessment for approval for CEC’s)

Emma-Jane Trudgett

Barre Clinic Graduate | Dance Teacher

The content was easy to follow but I finished feeling like I had learnt a great deal and learnt it in depth. I am so grateful that I found this course. I am looking forward to doing more study with the Barre Clinic in the future.

Cindy Gilboy

Barre Clinic Graduate | Fitness Leader

The training is so easy to follow and understandable. The content is well written in the text and thoroughly explained in the recorded lectures. So I was totally confident in my knowledge upon completing each module. Thank you Barre Clinic.

Rachel Karran

Barre Clinic Graduate | Yoga Teacher & Studio Owner

This is a fantastic course for anyone interested in personally developing their technique or interested in becoming a teacher. Lots of fun, engaging course work to move through, the time really flies. 


The Barre Teacher Training Course is backed by a fully refundable, 90 Day, money back guarantee. 

If you go through the whole program and complete all the steps over 90 days and don't feel you've received enough benefits, then we'll refund your money.*

I back this program because I know it works. I know how to teach people how to become incredible barre instructors. All you need to do is back yourself because you've got this. It can change your life, for the better.

I promise.

*Please don't buy this if you're even thinking of a refund. Instead, read through this page, understand what I'm offering, and then make a commitment to yourself to follow through. You're the only one who can make this positive change and I believe in you 100%. 

Ellie V

Barre Clinic Graduate | Podiatrist

I felt like Andrea was personally invested in all of us succeeding and really brought the energy week after week, including reaching out individually - one on one - to give the help I needed to progress and be confident in teaching. ie One on one phone calls to work on musicality and ongoing daily mentoring on a personal level. 

This is a fantastic course for anyone interested in personally developing their technique or interested in becoming a teacher. Lots of fun, engaging course work to move through, the time really flies. 

Ally Clarke

Barre Clinic Graduate | Uni Student | Professional Dancer

The Barre clinic program perfectly combines the worlds of ballet, pilates and cardio and is the only workout I've discovered that works the whole body. I thoroughly enjoyed my training as Andrea covers every area in great depth and detail while making it engaging, simple to understand and enjoyable to learn. The training course is flawless; the fact that it is online and can be completed at your own pace, with the option of online mentoring with Andrea every week is extraordinary. Teaching the barre clinic program is incredibly fun and rewarding, as it allows me to teach and motivate my students in a way that is authentic to me. Barre has added more happiness in my life, and has definitely toned my arms!

Alison Daniels

Barre Clinic Graduate | Tax Agent | Pilates Instructor

I would highly recommend Andrea and her Barre Clinic Teacher Training Program. With the help of Andrea, it took me approximately 5 months to become fully qualified as I also work full time and teach pilates. I found the course content to be very thorough, teaching me anatomy, correct technique and choreography to include in my future class planning. For an online course, Andrea is very accessible, offering weekly online mentoring to perfect our counting technique and cueing in class situations. Andrea’s love for dance and movement is obvious in everything she does – she is such a passionate, caring and talented instructor – both in the barre classroom and in her Teacher Training Program. I am so thankful to Andrea and all her help, I am now teaching barre and she is continuously in touch and available if I ever have any questions.

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To find out more about what I do, let's have a chat and we'll find out if my program is the right fit for what you are after.

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