Get the Barre Teacher Starter Kit...

And Enjoy a Career that Doesn't Feel Like Work, Even if You're Not a Dancer & Ballet Terminology is new to You. 

Barre Lovers, Movement Teachers & Ex-Dancers:

This is for you.... 

Even if you've never taught before.

Even if ballet terminology is new to you.

Even if you're not a dancer.

Even if you have two left feet and can't touch your toes.

This is for you...

If you want a career you love, that doesn't feel like work. 

No TuTu's Required.


What you're getting in this Starter Kit


First, you're getting the Barre Basics:

  • 10 Things you Must Know to Be a Great Barre Instructor
  • The Best 10 Barre Exercises
  • The 5 Step Teaching Formula
  • Musicality & Choosing Music
  • How to Transition between Exercises
  • Ballet terminology & technique for:
    • Plie
    • Tendu
    • Rond de Jambe 

Then you're getting these bonuses:

  • The Barre Clinic Formula for Verbal & Tactile Cueing
  • ALL the Warm-up Exercises in my Barre Teacher Training Course - as a downloadable document and Video Series
  • 5 x Barre Choreography & Transition Videos with full explanations
  • 5 x At Home Barre Workouts

Plus as added extra Bonuses:

  • My 8 Best After Barre Clean Eating Recipes - All Gluten Free, Dairy Free & Processed Sugar Free
  • Access to the Inner Circle Facebook Group for the Barre Clinic Teachers in Training

Starter Kit Normally $99.00

Special Offer Today Just $29

You Save $70 (Your Discount 70%)

  • Barre Basics
  • Barre Clinic Teaching Formula
  • Ballet Technique
  • 10 Best Barre Exercises 
  • Warm-Up Exercises
  • 5 Choreography Videos
  • 5 Workout Videos
  • Facebook Group
  • Clean Eating Recipes
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Ellie Vandestadt

Barre Clinic Graduate | Podiatrist

This is a fantastic course. Lots of fun, engaging course work to move through, the time really flies. 

Ally Clarke

Barre Clinic Graduate | Uni Student | Professional Dancer

The training course is flawless; the fact that it is online and can be completed at your own pace is extraordinary. 

Alison Daniels

Barre Clinic Graduate | Tax Agent | Pilates Instructor

I would highly recommend Andrea and her Barre Clinic Teacher Training Program. 

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Total Value: $99.00

$29 Today

70% Off To Get You Started


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Become THE BEST Barre instructor. Get a taste of:

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Industry leading barre repertoire
  • Dynamic & effective teaching skills
  • How to lesson plan
  • Yoga, ballet & Pilates terminology
  • Cueing and verbal instructions
  • How to teach classes with non-stop flow

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Total Value: $99.00

$29 Today

70% Off To Get You Started


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Dr Andrea Robertson

Osteopath, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Ex-Professional Dancer, Barre, Yoga & Adult Ballet Teacher.

Andrea has taught over 200 people her SMART TRAC approach to mastering Barre and becoming a teacher. 

Emma-Jane Trudgett

Barre Clinic Graduate | Dance Teacher

The content was easy to follow but I finished feeling like I had learnt a great deal and learnt it in depth. I am so grateful that I found this course. 

Cindy Gilboy

Barre Clinic Graduate | Fitness Leader

The training is so easy to follow and understandable. The content is well written in the text and thoroughly explained in the recorded lectures. 

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Total Value: $99.00

$29 Today

70% Off To Get You Started


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If you've read this far...take a leap of faith


What if this moment is the moment you change your future for the better...forever?

How much better will you feel if you are learning something new, something you are passionate about, and something you can make a career from?

How much better you will feel making money, doing something you love!

Doesn't that sound amazing?

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, so don't miss your chance to get the Starter Kit and change everything.

And on a personal note. It would mean so much to me if I have the chance to help you realise your dreams.

To give you the chance to live your passion. To inspire others towards a healthier and happier life.

I'd love nothing more that to see your name show up as the newest member of the Barre Teachers In Training tribe. 


Andrea x


The Barre Teacher Starter Kit is backed by a full refundable, 7 Day, money back guarantee. 

If you go through the Starter Kit and don't feel you've received enough benefits, then we'll refund your money.*

I back this, because I know it works. I know how to teach people how to become incredible barre instructors. All you need to do is back yourself because you've got this. It can change your life, for the better.

I promise.

*Please don't buy this if you're even thinking of a refund. Instead, read through this page. Understand what I'm offering, and then make a commitment to yourself to follow through. You're the only one who can make this positive change and I believe in you 100%. 

Your Special Offer To Get Started Today

Total Value: $99.00

$29 Today

70% Off To Get You Started


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